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Remote Online Storage | Upload, Store, Sync, Backup and Share Files Online

Although our web hosting service provides a generous amount of web storage for your website, it is not intended as a remote online storage service, and to use your web space for storage other than the web files used by your website is against our terms of service.

However, there are services available providing dedicated online file storage and synchronization, sometimes called cloud storage or cloud computing. Below are some third-party services you may want to consider.
  • Dropbox - Up to 18GB storage space for free. Fast, secure and reliable for online backups, storage, and synchronisation across multiple computers and devices. Available for: Web Browsers, Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile Devices.

  • Livedrive - Unlimited Online Storage, Backup & Streaming. Available for: Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices.

  • Apple MobileMe (iDisk) - 20GB Storage with iDisk. Store, Sync, Share and more with Apple's iDisk and MobileMe service. Available for: Web Browsers, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Please note that MobileMe has been replaced by Apple's iCloud service.