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Domain WHOIS Privacy

Most people wouldn't dream of setting up a website that lists their personal email address, home phone number and street address. But this is exactly what happens when a new domain name is registered.

The WHOIS Record is an informational record tied to every domain name that tells the entire Internet about the owner of the domain.

For large corporations, having their street address, email, and phone number on the Internet might not be a big deal, but what happens when individuals, or home office users register a domain name?

Suddenly there's a connection between the work you do, family photos you share, the opinions you express, emails you send and your physical location and your phone number.

If you're a domain owner already, or if you're thinking about registering one, you should consider enabling the WHOIS Privacy feature on your domain's WHOIS record. Doing so will hide your personal contact information and tell others your personal information is off limits.

Besides personal security, another reason to enable WHOIS Privacy is to avoid unwanted spam in your inbox.

WHOIS records contain email addresses that spammers routinely 'scrape' so the addresses can be used to send unsolicited email and phishing attacks.

If you are a business, of course you want to be as accessible as possible. But a WHOIS record really isn't a valuable promotion vehicle. Credible prospects will easily find your contact information on your web site, in your local yellow pages and in other directories that you choose. A WHOIS listing mostly services these spammers and unwanted solicitors.

Securing your contact information online isn't complicated and WHOIS Privacy offers important privacy controls for both businesses and individual domain holders, except for some UK domain registrations (see below).


Domain WHOIS Privacy is available for several domain types and will replace your own registration details in the public WHOIS database with generic registry details instead, so none of your own details will be seen from WHOIS/DNS searches.

WHOIS Privacy is available for domains that end:
.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .name, .co, .me, .tv and some .uk registrations (see below)

For domains that end .uk the following applies, and is imposed by the UK Domain Registry (Nominet UK) regarding WHOIS Privacy (WHOIS Opt-out):
  • You are obliged to provide us with accurate contact details when registering .uk domain names under our terms and conditions

  • 'Consumers' have the right to opt out from having their address published on the WHOIS

  • Opt-out can only be set for domains where the registrant type is set as "UK Individual"

  • To qualify for opting out of having address details published, the domain name must not be used for any commercial activity and be unconnected with any business, trade or profession

  • If Nominet is made aware of any domain name that may be incorrectly opted out of the WHOIS, they will make the appropriate checks
The WHOIS Privacy option for the above domain types can either be included with new registrations, or added to an existing domain at any time via our order page. New Domain Privacy activations will normally become effective within a few hours, but please allow up to 5 days for Nominet opt-out authorisation.

Please note that Domain WHOIS Privacy is only available on domains that are registered with us, otherwise this option may be available from your own domain provider.