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Regarding the first reason, you may be asking to "View Your Cart" without having successfully placed anything into it. If this is the case, return to the site's shopping pages and try again. Place items into your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button next to the item you wish to purchase. This action will "initialize" your cart so that you can view it.

If you have, in fact, successfully placed at least one item into your cart, then you have been directed to this page for the second reason, because your browser did not accept our cookie. Reasons for this can be wide and varied. Possible reasons why your browser cannot accept our cookie, in order of probability:

  1. You are behind a Firewall that is not allowing the cookie
    Solution: Change your firewall settings, or temporarily disable your firewall
    (Norton Internet Security is known to cause this problem)

  2. Your web browser Security Settings are set in a way that disallows our cookie
    Solution: Lower your security settings, or adjust your settings to allow cookies

  3. You may have manually refused to accept the cookie.

Most web browsers and firewalls come ready to accept legitimate cookie activity, which in this case is a harmless reference number that corresponds to your order. The number is meaningless, and it contains absolutely no information about you, your internet activities, email, or anything else. The number has meaning only to the shopping cart system, and only while you are shopping on this site. 

At any rate, in order for you to order on this site, it is necessary for your web browser to accept our cookie.

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